Our community is the pulse of Send Femme. Everything we do, we do to help our community get outside and send more. We are a private, community-driven social network. Meaning that while the Hosts provide many forms of education through the community platform, we allow all members to post as they please and use the network to share their stories and connect with others.

The best thing about our platform, is that it removes you from all the noise of Facebook and Instagram. Just our own peaceful, private place to talk about all things sending and going outside. Our community platform is available on desktop as well as an app. Most members use both. The choice is entirely yours.

The Education is where the magic starts. The community is where the magic happens. It is where you make friends, connect with other like-minded people, get vulnerable, ask questions, share stories, and learn as much as possible in order to send all your outside goals.


We have a BADASS community platform to connect through that is broken down into Topics and Groups. You join Groups and follow Topics of your liking based on who you want to engage with, what you want to post about, and what you want to learn about. Groups are more niche and sport-specific. Topics are more broad and apply to all of the Groups, for example navigation. Groups and Topics allow us to stay organized and ensure everyone is seeing the content they want to see and can find the content they want to find. You can join ANY Group you want, no matter your level, and you can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish!


If you have already checked out the the other pages, you know we put on some pretty badass events for our community, ranging from virtual to in person. There is an Events tab in the community network where you can see all the events that are coming up, whether they are workshops, meet-ups, or retreats. From here, you can RSVP, ask questions, or engage with others who are also attending the event.


Send Femme also has it's own Strava club for Strava users! Connect with other members through movement, get workout inspiration, and see what other members are sending or training for.


In January of 2022, we launched our official community bookclub. Once in the network, join the bookclub group to see what we are reading and get involved in discussion. This group is run by our member, Caitie.