Send Femme hosts monthly in-person meet-ups for our members all over the country!! These in-person adventures look like National Park visits, cragging days, backpacking trips, ski resort days, trail races, summits, and more.

Meet-ups are completely free, as these are "every woman/person for yourself" types of events. Meaning you are required to figure out your own transportation to the location/trailhead/event, plan your own food, provide all your own gear, and possess any necessary skills (unlike our retreats where every little thing is planned and provided).

Meet-ups are the best way to meet other Send Femme members, learn from one another, and support each other. The goal is create a "type-1 fun experience", with just a sprinkle of type-2 fun if the occasional calls for it. We aren't trying to climb Everest, we're just trying to have some fun and get you out of your comfort zone here and there!! The goal is SENDSHIP and FEMMESHIP, if you know what we are sayin'.

Some meet-ups have prerequisites––like mountaineering and ski touring, to name a couple––for the sake of everyones safety. We provide all members with ample info on where to acquire the necessary skills for our more challenging meet-ups so that anyone and everyone can eventually attend any meet-up they want.


January 2023: Palisades Tahoe Resort Skiing/Boarding (CA)
January 2023: Boulders + Brews Denver (CO)
January 2023: Boulders + Brews Reno (NV)
March 2023: Frog Lake Hut Trip (CA)
March 2023: Macedonia Balkans CAT Skiing Trip (Europe)
June 2023: Broken Arrow Skyrace, Lake Tahoe (CA)
August 20223: Ragnar Relay Trail, Rainier (WA)


Mount Russell & Cloudripper (CA)
Red Rock Canyon Climbing (NV)
Kendall Katwalk via the PCT (WA)
Enchantments Thru Hike (WA)
Yosemite Firefall (CA)
Ragnar Relay Trail, Tahoe (CA)
Tahoe Rim Trail Thru Hike (CA)
Lost Creek Backpacking (CO)
Washington PCT Section Hike (WA)
Mt. Shasta Summit (CA)
Enchanted Valley Backpacking (WA)
Mesa Rim Bouldering (NV)
Lake Tahoe Winter Backpacking (CA)
Brookeside McCurdy Payne Loop Backpacking (CO)
Heavenly Tahoe Skiing (CA)
Spray Park Loop + Seattle Happy Hour (WA)