Hey y’all, I’m Whitney. I am a daughter, godmother, sister, partner, friend, wellness coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, backcountry skier, endurance runner, biker, backpacker, ski mountaineer, climber, world traveler, and dreamer. I also do consider myself a singer. This is purely subjective, but please don’t even try to change my mind about it! 

Growing up, my exposure to the outdoors started at camp where we backpacked overnight for 5 days in the White Mountains. I was 8 years old, my socks were cotton, the tent had holes, my backpack was too big, and it poured on us the first day. As I shivered on the ground, I looked up at the stars, completely in awe. From then on, I’d beg my mom to tent camp in the backyard for sleepovers as well as hiked local summits in New England with my hot pink backpack. I eventually grew to include backpacking as a regular weekend getaway with friends where we can check-out of the busy and check-in to the present.

Skiing was a core part of my family growing up. I started in a little onesie, when I pizza-ed harder than heck. I’ve grown in my skiing ability with lessons, guided trips, and hours of hot laps–– especially when I had to relearn to ski moving from the Ice Coast to Pow City Colorado. I’ve grown to love backcountry and have continued education in avalanche training since 2017. I have skied all over North America and have been able to send some of the 50 Classic Lines, 14-ers, and multiple glaciers with this practice. Don’t let this fool you though, the first year I went out on my backcountry set-up, I could not get back up without looking like a flipped turtle and had to pizza on tech bindings. I walked a lot of it (ok, post-holed), cursed at gear and definitely cried a tear or two. We all have to start somewhere.

Climbing was taught to me by my dear friend Cait in grad school in 2014––she had to tie my knots for me the first day in the gym and I hung onto jugs with T-Rex arms. Since then––with plenty of training, mentorship, and patience––I have been able to lead single and multi-pitch climbs (sport, trad, and mixed) on Half Dome in Yosemite, Red Rock, Cochise Stronghold, and countless canyons in Colorado, the Sierras, and the PNW. I have had to come back to it after episodes of depression and a concussion––the girl gang was strong to help remind me of my abilities.

With the above experience combined and the help of my partner in crime, I pushed out of my comfort zone into the world of Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering. Glaciers and snow summits are freaking beautiful and I will not go back to being comfortable again (thanks altitude). While contributing to this guide I was able to send my first 21,000 foot peak in Nepal! Mountaineering was how Krissy came crashing into my life, thank goodness. She then connected me to my (incredible) nutrition coach and teammate, Arielle.

I’ve been a runner since 2008 and graduated from track circles to tripping over roots and rocks. My biggest take-homes include a few traverses and ultras, as well as sections of the Grand Canyon. I am currently working on gaining some vert and mileage with race planning... who knows where this will take me!!! The sky is literally the limit (because Sky Racing lolz, get it?).

Mountain Biking (downhill, enduro, trail) is another I have dabbled in since 2016. I was taught by my ultimate slady Tina and we were the only group of women riding in the area that weekend. I have had my fair share of crashes and rock rolling attempts. LET’S GROW OUR FEMALE PRESENCE IN THIS SPORT!

When I called my mom to talk about Send Femme, she was porch sipping wine on a vacation with my female family members––each one having taught me something in the outdoors from skiing to skinny dipping. This got me fired up, because if not for these and other female figures showing me the ropes, judgment-free, with the do’s and don’ts equipped... I am not sure if I would have developed the confidence to get after it like I do.