As a team of educators, teachers, and mentors, we put education at the forefront of our mission and community. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to safety in outdoor sport. The Send Femme hosts regularly invest back into their own educations in order to become stronger, better, and more informed leaders in the outdoor industry, as well as to lead by example in our badass community of senders.


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Wilderness First Responder x2
  • Wilderness First Aid x2
  • Leave No Trace Educator
  • AIARE Level 1 x3
  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (in progress)
  • Masters in Holistic Nutrition (in progress)
  • UESCA Ultrarunning Coach (in progress)
  • UESCA Endurance Sports Nutrition (in progress)
  • Precision Nutrition L1 x3
  • Precision Nutrition L2 (in progress)
  • Strength & Conditioning Certs x3
  • E-YRT 500-hr Yoga Alliance Certified
  • 1500 Yoga Teacher Training Hours
  • Team has attended countless climbing, mountaineering, and ski camps, classes, courses, and clinics led by AMGA guides

Beyond prioritizing our own unquenchable thirst for knowledge for the sake of both ourselves and our community, education comes in many forms here at Send Femme! In fact, education is where it all began for us with The Send Guide.


The Send Guide is a project we began outlining in February of 2021–for the Outside Nutrition program we were coaching–and grew into over 350 pages across seven sections by the time we finished it in October of 2021. The Send Guide is the ultimate outdoor resource for anyone who wants to start hiking, backpacking, climbing, trail running, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring, or mountain biking, but doesn't know where to start because these things are *incredibly* intimidating for a number of reasons. It covers all things safety, navigation, planning, gear, terminology, fueling, and training. It literally teaches you how to go outside and send outdoor sports as safely as possible. The Send Guide is a beginners guide to all things outdoor adventure to get you started. The guide was written in a way that even the most inexperienced can understand while also still being beneficial to those who already dabble.


We offer at least two 1-hour long interactive webinars each month within our platform. All webinars are posted 3-4 weeks out and are recorded for members who can't attend live. Webinars are always taught by the Hosts and range from training to gear to money to planning to mindset. These workshops are intimate, informative, and occasionally vulnerable.

Past and Future Workshops: How to Make/Save Money for Sending, Altitude Prep, Ice Axes 101, How to Balance Work & Sending, How to Tune Your Skis, Anchor Building 101, How to Graduate from Day Hiking to Backpacking, How to Hike the TRT, Winter Camping 101, How to Plan a Ski Tour, Knot Tying 101


The Hosts post articles in the network on a variety of topics from Leave No Trace to building confidence to food planning to trip reports. While the guide covers the basics, our articles go more in to depth on specific topics for those interested.


If you are trying to learn about new places, we offer mini hiking guides for some of the most beautiful destination in the USA. From Sedona to Yosemite to Tahoe and beyond, our ever-growing library of mini guides will have you on the most scenic and rewarding trails!! All guides include links to AllTrails.


The Hosts–and occasionally members–post reviews of their gear in the network. The Hosts also do "Gear Sound Offs" where members share their favorite piece of gear under a certain category, such as watches, ski pants, trail shoes, underwear, backpacks, etc. This allows you to find what works best for you based on other peoples comments and reviews.